Here is an update on how this is affecting the Evergreen Surgical Pilonidal Clinic.

Both hospitals that Dr Immerman uses for surgery are open for elective operations.

Pre-Op Covid-19 Testing

At this time, it is not required, but it does make the day go more smoothly if you have been tested. Our staff will help you figure out the best way to accomplish this.

Hospital Visitors

The rules regarding visitors at the hospitals have been changing, but at this point Sacred Heart Hospital is only allowing one support person to enter the hospital with you, and masking is required within the facility. The OakLeaf Surgical Hospital is allowing visitors into the facility also.

What if you test positive for Covid-19?

If you test positive, we will not proceed with surgery until you are asymptomatic, and at least 14 days from the positive test have elapsed. If you become sick enough to require hospitalization for COVID19 we have expert internists and pulmonologists to care for you. If you test positive you will have to decide whether to stay here or travel back home.

At Our Clinic

At our clinic, we are requiring that everyone entering wear masks. We are wiping down all surfaces between patients. We are allowing a family members to come in with you for appointments if you wish.

If you are coming here, you are probably appropriately concerned regarding the prevalence of COVID19 in our community. In Fall of 2021 we are seeing a moderate number of cases. The button below will bring you to a website with up-to-date data.


Covid-19 prevention and immune system optimization

If you are going to have surgery, it is important that you remain as healthy as possible. If you are going to have surgery in the future, taking the vitamins and supplements I recommend on this site will benefit you with healing when you are able to proceed with surgery. If you have wound care questions at the present time, please call or email the clinic, and we’ll try to help any way we can.

The severity of the virus in an individual is related to several factors, including the strength of the person’s immune system, and recommend you:

  • wear a mask if you go out and are going to be near other people. Studies are showing that this is the most important factor to prevent spread of the virus. Don’t tolerate others not wearing masks. If you find yourself in that situation, go somewhere else.
  • practice hand-washing and social distancing.
  • take vitamin C supplementation, 500-1000mg/day
  • take a multivitamin daily
  • take vitamin D3, at least 5000 units daily, preferably a vitamin D preparation which includes K2.
  • take fish oil supplementation
  • take zinc citrate supplementation in the form of oral zinc supplementation; and adding zinc lozenges if you think you may be experiencing symptoms or know you have been exposed to the virus
  • get plenty of sleep
  • stay warm
  • do not smoke!
  • become vaccinated once vaccines are available for your age group.

You may feel that contracting coronavirus is inevitable – but it is not. I believe the best strategy is to take all appropriate precautions until you are vaccinated. Contracting the virus is very painful, sometimes deadly, and the long term health consequences for patients who do recover have not yet been defined. The recent news regarding vaccine effectiveness is encouraging, and we are hoping that everyone who wishes to be vaccinated will have accomplished this by summer 2021.