Choosing a Hospital

Dr. Immerman works at two hospitals in Eau Claire, and both provide excellent care, are easily accessible, and have excellent reputations. The particular hospital that your surgery will be scheduled in will depend on any insurance requirements, Dr. Immerman’s schedule,  and operating room availability. If you have a preference, be sure to let Angela know your wishes.

OakLeaf Surgical Hospital

Dr. Immerman performs the majority of his pilonidal surgery at the OakLeaf Surgical Hospital. This hospital is physician owned, and was created by the OakLeaf Medical Network, which was created by Dr. Immerman in the 1990’s.

Although Dr. Immerman is no longer a shareholder in this facility, he feels that it is an excellent hospital for outpatient surgery, and patient reviews have been exemplary.

OakLeaf Surgical Hospital
OakLeaf Surgical Hospital as seen from the adjacent Hwy 53.

This hospital does have inpatient and overnight rooms if needed, but it is a rare situation that a patient requires an overnight stay after cleft lift surgery. The facility has a friendly, non-clinical atmosphere, and is ideal for outpatient procedures.  There is a highly experienced staff of anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists to provide anesthesia services to patients. 

This hospital performs thousands of operations on a yearly basis, and many patients feel that it is the “gold standard” for surgical care.

The OakLeaf Surgical Hospital Lobby.
"The Bistro" where family members can relax and eat.

Sacred Heart Hospital

Dr. Immerman has been on the staff of this full-service hospital since 1982, and performed thousands of operations here over almost four decades. The staff at Sacred Heart have cared for many of his cleft lift patients, and are experts in caring for this kind of outpatient hospitalization.

Surgery at Sacred Heart goes smoothly, and is an excellent option for your surgery.

Sacred Heart Hospital