Letter of thanks

Dear Dr. Immerman,

Sorry it has taken so long for me to write this, but I still am a bit without the right words.  However, I wanted to send a note to thank you for all that you did for my son to help correct his pilonidal disease and open wound.  As you know he spent an awful summer going to wound care 3 times a week and was in tremendous pain.  He was facing years of this type of existence with no chance for curing as everyone in our general area had run out of ideas.  HE was losing what was some of his most special time as a teenager. But luckily, in a fit of furious Google searching for any help, I found your website.  Seeing your website immediately let me know there was something we could do and for the first time in a long time, I felt hope.  With the support of my father, I called your office and with such shock, you and your team agreed to see him the very next morning.  You didn’t have to rearrange things when you found out he was due to start school, but you did, and for that I am forever grateful.  Without hesitation, we packed our stuff and set out for Wisconsin.  My only fear was when we got there, you would say you couldn’t help, but that didn’t happen.  Even better, you took the time to explain everything and walkthrough why your technique would work when all others had failed.  From there, we went right over to the wonderful hospital and worked with the outstanding team there.  While our son was difficult to deal with due to the fear he had generated over the months of treatment, you and the team made everything successful.  To top all of that off, as the family waited anxiously to hear, you personally came out and sat with us to tell us everything went well and our son would be fine.  I am sure you could visibly see the immediate sense of relief wash over.  But what I really could not get past was you personally came out to discuss everything, handed us your card and urged us to call you personally with any questions.  I have not encountered any doctor that would do such a thing.  You are truly a special man!

Thanks to you, our son has been able to start his Junior year on time with his class.  He is a normal healthy teenager again.  And for that – we are forever in your debt.

From the bottom of my heart – I thank you!

J. T.

P.S. Please let me or the family know if there is any way we could share our story to get you the attention that you deserve. We will do anything that could be helpful!