Patient Survey Comments

We received the most amazing care from the entire staff!!! I have shared our story with as many people as possible! From the initial phone call to them- to the pre op appointment, surgery itself and follow up. Every member of the staff we had contact with genuinely wanted to help you in any way they could. Dr Immerman besides being obviously completely skilled at what he does is a down to earth, humble and good person. He made us and our son feel so comfortable and confident that he would do his utmost to help him. He was completely approachable and communicative. Each time I emailed (he also gave us the option of calling him directly with questions/concerns) I received a response in less than 1/2 an hour. Probably more like 15 minutes! The way we were treated at the clinic was amazing as well. The staff there was friendly and helpful and very kind. I honestly cannot say enough about Dr Immerman and his staff! I am involved in the medical field and customer service. I have never seen any better! The best part is that the surgery works and I’ve hardly even mentioned that! Sam had a very bad case and had a failed procedure a few months before from a different surgeon. He was truly a mess! Dr Immerman said it would be very challenging and there was a chance he might need a second surgery. I cannot tell you what a difference it was from our first experience. Dr Immerman was given a rough looking incision and scar with drainage and disease and from day one after his surgery it looked really great! He is 2 months post op and so far so good!The only advice to you is the question of – how do you get the word out that you do this? It was a miracle that I found you. I really don’t remember how I did on the internet. Your services are amazing and I would recommend anyone to see you. We appreciate everything you did for my son. Thank you so much for your care!

Angela was awesome to work with and made things easy for me coming in from out of state. The first week with the drain was a bit uncomfortable but after that it was smooth sailing!

The entire experience was excellent…close to hotel, easy parking, peaceful environment, good check in staff, nice waiting room, meal vouchers for family, early access to recovery room for parents, very competent and caring nurses that were not in a rush to get patient out. Anesthesiologist and assistant were also excellent and attentive to patient history.

Dr Immerman and his staff were amazing and patient with all my concerns and questions as a mom of a daughter with pilonidal. I have never experienced a surgeon like Dr Immerman; he personally communicated with me via email and text, offering his professional advice and expertise. I prayed for guidance and direction and feel that this prayer was answered through Dr Immerman. I would recommend Evergreen Surgical Pilonidal to anyone struggling with this condition! Dr Immerman is experienced and knows what he is doing. He genuinely cares for his patients and truly wants the best for them. I trust his opinion that the cleft lift procedure is the optimal choice for a cure.

Dr Immerman staff is amazing very compassionate people and friendly and professional.Dr. Immerman is an outstanding doctor I have very compassionate great bedside manner. Due to his artistic background I think that he is a great doctor for performing this procedure due to the fact that he’s sculpting the butt cheek.

You changed my life!

Dr. Immerman was great. He made me feel at ease talking about an icky problem and I have had great results after the procedure.

This was a positive choice because I had little recovery time and I’m 100% cured and very satisfied with minimal scarring. I was very relieved that I was feeling so much better so quickly. It was much easier than I thought it was going to be during recovery.

It was all amazing! We truly feel like it was a miracle. After 2 years of surgeries and packing wounds daily, he is finally back to normal! Dr. Immerman and his team were amazing.

I had had 2 previous surgeries and this was by far the best and easiest recovery. You changed my life!!

Surgery went great and I feel much better than before having it. Having the ability to do the consultation and surgery on the same day was very convenient as I traveled 9 hours for the surgery. The staff and Dr. Immerman were very helpful and knowledgeable about pilonidal cysts and the Cleft Lift and I felt very comfortable with everything he did. I would recommend him to anybody with this problem.

I feel this was a great fix for my pilonidal cyst. I have had no issues…my father had one 30 years ago and the recovery was a long process…his took over 4 months to heal. My father said he wished he had this option when he had his done. He still has occasional flare ups. I would recommend this surgery to anyone.

The staff and Dr. Immerman are very courteous and helpful! They were always very prompt when I would reach out to them with questions. Thank you.

The staff was amazing and made this procedure so worth it! They were easy to deal with and great at their jobs! I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else to go!

Compared to other surgeons, very personable staff. They made the whole experience extremely easy.

The care was excellent. Dr. Immerman was professional and personable, and his staff was very polite. I felt the care I received at the hospital was also terrific.

He gave me my life back. I can sit without constant pain/discomfort.

If you want a procedure that is going to work, this is the one. I’ve had many drainage procedures that they said I would not get another cyst. But this has fixed the problem and I’ve had no problems since

I was able to schedule appointments within one day, absolutely hassle-free.

Felt like we were in a 5 star hotel the way they treated our son.

The staff was amazing! They were very personable, very responsive to email and phone call questions and they were very knowledgeable.

My life has finally returned to normal! I could not be any more happy!

It was great!

The experience was exceptional.

After being told by multiple surgeons that there was nothing they could do except hope the wound closes on its own, I have my life back…enough said.

The staff was marvelous to work with; their desire to meet our needs and follow up were beyond outstanding.

Appointments were very flexible and I was able to work around my work schedule easily.

It has been 6 months and satisfied does not begin to describe the change in lifestyle this surgery has provided.

The staff at Evergreen were fabulous about scheduling, especially since we came so far to do the surgery.

Everything and everyone was excellent.

It worked when my previous 2 non-cleft-lift surgeries did not. The long term effects have been minimal. While the scar is large, it is not in an area many people get to see and has not had an impact on my life.

Excellent staff and doctors. Highly recommend, for anyone dealing with this disease.

My son’s surgery was a complete success. It has been 1 1/2 years and no problems whatsoever.

I thought the service was excellent.

It was the miracle my son was looking for after 2 prior failed surgeries by a surgeon other than Dr. Immerman that was a wide excision with primary closure.

Amazing could not have asked for a better stay.

The care received at Evergreen Clinic and at Oak Leaf Hospital was wonderful. Both were very patient and compassionate and very willing to accommodate.

Amazing, everyone was extremely nice!

I cried and hugged Dr. Immerman. Our son was going through wound treatment for 2 and a half years before we had the opportunity to meet Dr. Immerman.

I loved the staff at the office and the surgical center. I felt so much better once the surgery was over knowing it was not an issue that I would be forced to re-address over and over again as other pilonidal surgeries require.

This was my son’s third surgery (the others were done locally by another surgeon) and recovery was much easier.

Everyone was so friendly, accommodating, and helpful. They made us feel welcome and relieved to be in such great care.

The Evergreen Surgical Pilonidal Clinic ran like a well oiled machine.

Even long distance, the doctor and staff was available and extremely accommodating, working to meet our needs. Their followup was outstanding.

Outstanding in every way. Highly recommend you. First rate.

I feel blessed that we were sent to Evergreen and happened upon Dr. Immerman. I only wish it had been before the previous surgery done to remove the cyst, so that time and additional surgeries may have not been needed. I was impressed with Dr. Immerman’s level of expertise, his focus on this type of medical issue, his skill level, and his fabulous demeanor and bed side manner. He and his staff made a hard medical condition dealable and we always had hope due to that positive attitude, and the caring nature of his staff. It is my personal feeling as the parent of a teen who dealt with this, that likely many other family physicians do not have enough knowledge or professional development about this area, and how quickly a referral should be made (instead of trying unsuccessful procedures and loss of months of time waiting and monitoring). With a broader knowledge base about this lift treatment, referrals could be made to Dr. Immerman so kids can get the help they need, and on with their lives. In this several month experience, we did not deal with even 1 person at Evergreen or Oakleaf that was anything but knowledgeable, kind, caring, and worked to put our needs at the forefront…..many medical facilities could take a lesson from Evergreen!!!!!