Vitamin C Serum to Promote Pilonidal Wound Healing

When I perform a cleft-lift, I usually recommend that my patients take certain oral vitamins and supplements in order to maximize their healing potential. However, there are times when the incision needs a little additional help, and I have found that in those situations that Vitamin C Serum is helpful. As you may know, Vitamin C is necessary for all healing any kind of incision, injury or wound.

The product I recommend is Vitamin C Serum. The product from Avalon Organics seems to work well, but is not the only product available. I know that this particular product is available at Walgreens (in the skincare aisle) and on The Tree of Life Vitamin C Serum, also available at Amazon is also a good product. 

It is best to apply this twice daily, and leave it on the incision most of the day. If there is a particular part of the scar that seems to be slow to heal, it is OK to put it only on that particular area.

Continue using it until you are happy with healing. Continue the oral vitamins and supplements at the same time.