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This page shows images of post op cleft lift incisions in various stage of healing. Some are in patients who have had multiple previous operations and failures, and others are in patients who had not had previous surgery. As you will notice, not every cleft-lift is the same – each is individualized to the patient’s shape and the area of problems, which results in scars of differing shapes and lengths. We use dissolving sutures which do not leave marks. If you see suture marks, they are from a previous operation.

You may notice that the scars themselves are fairly red or pink. That is because most of these images were taken in the first few weeks or months post-op. It takes scars 6-12 months before the color fades. Although our patients love us, they seem to lose interest in sending us photos of their scars once they have completely healed and the scars have faded!

One year post op photos

pilonidal disease
pilonidal disease

If you want to see some graphic “before and after” photos, you can click on the link to the right. However, be forewarned, that they show the pre-op state of these patients with open wounds and draining sinuses. Do not click on this link unless you are prepared to see this.