Treating Early Pilonidal Disease

One of the most frequently asked questions is what to do if you have a pilonidal cyst or sinus and very minimal symptoms.

Every patient has a different approach to problems like this. Some jump at surgery at the first suggestion and want to be proactive in preventing any future problems; others want to wait and see what kind of problems they have before committing to an operation; and others put surgery off to an extreme degree and wait until their problem has turned their lives upside-down and made the surgery more difficult. You have to decide which kind of person you are, and go with what seems right to you. Your can read more about making this decision here.

My personal philosophy is that I’m here to help in whatever capacity my patients want. I think it is very reasonable to wait and see if the midline pores cause a problem, but I am also glad to be proactive with surgery to prevent future issues. I think it makes sense to have surgery before there are multiple sinus tract openings, wounds close to the anus, or the pilonidal disease has become an overriding issue in one’s life. My experience has taught me that in my hands, the cleft-lift is the best operation and that’s why it is my operation of choice. The recovery from the cleft-lift is easier than most of the operations you may have heard about, and the recurrence rate is very low. I suggest that you read about this operation, and consider it if you decide that you want surgery.

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