Pilonidal Specialists?

Is there really such a thing as a “pilonidal specialist”?

In many conversations on social media the term “pilonidal specialist” is used to describe a certain category of surgeon. The American College of Surgeons does not recognize this as a “specialty”, yet there are surgeons who take this disease process very seriously, and devote a significant part of their practice to dealing with this difficult problem.

Is it really better to see one of these “specialists”?

The answer is “probably”. These surgeons understand that pilonidal disease is not a trivial problem with minimal consequence to patients, but a disease that is painful and disruptive, and requires expertise to manage.

These surgeons might be general surgeons, colorectal surgeons, or plastic surgeons. The specific type of residency or fellowship training is not the issue, but rather the mastery of the surgical techniques involved.

I say “probably” because it may be difficult to see these surgeons because they live far away, or are not covered by your current insurance. If those things are not obstacles, then I would say “absolutely yes!”.

Which specialist should I see?

If you are willing to travel, and insurance is not an issue, my recommendation is to find a surgeon with expertise in the cleft lift operation. Multiple studies have shown it to have the highest success rate and the easiest recovery. It is a procedure that does require specific training and experience, and this is why you may get a better result from one of the clinics that specialize in this, as opposed to a surgeon who only does a few of these a year. It is also why there might not be one near you. Using one of these specialists is especially important if you have had previous, failed surgery, or have wounds or sinus tract openings near the anus.

We are not the only clinic in the United States that specializes in pilonidal disease with the cleft lift operation, but we feel that we are one of the best. Feel free to contact us for a virtual consultation.

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