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The research is making a difference

Dr. Immerman published the article “The Bascom Cleft Lift for All Presentations of Pilonidal Disease” in February of 2021.

Since then, it has had over 10,000 views from 133 different countries. Clearly, this research is of interest to doctors and patients all over the world, and the concept of online publishing is an important way to spread information. Of the over 10,000 articles on the Cureus platform, this article is 217th in the number of reads.

Over 10,000 views from 133 different countries in one year. (PMC indicates views on PubMed.)

You can read the article yourself by following this link: “The Bascom Cleft Lift for All Presentations of Pilonidal Disease”

The article has been viewed by individuals in 133 different countries. Here are the top ones.

Although there are many published papers describing the benefits of the cleft lift operation, Dr. Immerman feels it is important that more papers are published to convince the surgeons of the world to learn this procedure.

Why is it that “surgery doesn’t work” for some patients?

Unfortunately, some patient’s experience with surgery for pilonidal disease is unsuccessful. There are patients have numerous operations over a span of many years and can not seem to have their problem solved. Does that mean “surgery doesn’t work for them”?

What it means is the kind or quality of surgery they had didn’t work for them. “Surgery” is a broad term, and can encompass many different operations done with surgeons of varying skill. It is possible for any operation for pilonidal disease, including the cleft-lift, to fail. However, in experienced hands, 99% of patients can be cured with a cleft-lift.

The cleft-lift is also an excellent solution to wounds that remain after failed other operations including wide excisions and other flap procedures.

So, if you are considering surgery, do not let the negative experiences of other patients guide you to pessimistic inertia, but instead look for a cleft-lift surgeon with experience to solve your problem.